Job Opportunities

Senior Operations Manager, Cape Town

Reporting to the Head of Customer Service and working for a leading, service-based business with a reputation for delivering quality driven results, this role carries responsibility for the successful management and motivation of the Customer Service contact centre. Read more

Head of Collections, Cape Town

The Collections Manager is a senior role reporting to the Chief Executive of South Africa. Taking charge of collections operations for South Africa, you will be responsible for local collections and recoveries strategy as well as hands-on collections management. You will be accountable for meeting ambitious cash collection targets and for developing key relationships with suppliers and other business partners. You will be data driven and possess the ability to produce insightful analysis to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. You will work with our Head of Collections and local Chief Executive to deliver outstanding results against tightly managed costs. Read more

HR Officer, Durban

The purpose of this role is to provide overall HR administrative support to the business unit. Read more

Customer Service Agent, Cape Town

Deliver a quick, friendly, accurate and efficient service to the customer, always addressing the customer needs. Read more

Customer Service Consultant, Cape Town

Passion for customer services, offering additional products to existing customers to enhance customer experience. Read more

Salary Deductions Explained

So you have finally completed your studies, and will be starting your new job soon. First of all, congratulations! In terms of salary there are some prerequisite deductions. Here’s what you need to know:

UIF – The employer is legally required to deduct unemployment insurance, of 1% from your salary. This is paid into an account at the Department of Labour to provide for you financially should you be out of work. Furthermore, the employer should contribute 1% of your salary to the fund as well.

Income Tax – All South African citizens earning over R5500 per month are required to pay income tax to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). The more you earn, the more income tax has to be paid.

Other deductions – These may include payments for company benefits such as medical aid, provident fund, company vehicle, parking etc. If you have damaged any property of the company, they may deduct money from your salary to cover these expenses.

All these deductions may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but should you be out of work, your current UIF contribution will help you pay your bills. Taxes paid to SARS are used to run the country, grow the economy, develop infrastructure and more. These are probably the only two deductions you’ll have from your first salary, except if you have other benefits or caused damage to company property.