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Candidate process before we offer candidates to our customers

Phase 1

Telephonic interviews assessment

Diction, rate and speed of speech
Vocabulary used
Understanding of questions
Friendliness, honesty and sincerity
Voice projection
Volume and tone

Phase 2

Candidate submission

We do not believe in a generic interview guide and instead realise that interviews need to be industry specific thus we have applied this knowledge and developed interviews designed in such a way to extract the best possible information to make an informed decision on suitability for the job in question.

Phase 3

Various computer tests

Competency on any specific tools needed to perform a job. Our interviews are all competency based and get the potential candidate to express everyday examples in order to prove competence in the workplace. The most up to date (and vetted) information.

We strive to provide employers with the best candidates in the shortest turn-around time.

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As it is an ever changing media world, we place job ads in all current and relevant social and media platforms.

This keeps us in the loop with the newest job seekers.

Call centre recruitment

We know the call centre industry out of experience working in call centres, and therefore we look for specific attributes and personalities in our candidates that make them stand out.

We ensure that our candidates will be adding benefit to your organisation and we aim to build a mutual relationship between client, agent and our agency. We recruit for all levels in Call Centres. Management, Teamleader, Agent, Captures, Sales, Customer Service and Back Office.

Specialised IT recruitment

We recruit on various IT / Tech roles from help desk support to software development. We understand the need for matching the right candidate to the right company, and we have a great network to share!

Placing the right call centre candidate in the best position is key to our success.

Who do we recruit for

Sales roles – Customer services – Call centre industry – Insurance industry – Financial services industry – Retail promoters – IT


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