Ok, so you have been shortlisted and have been invited for an interview. Now what?
Read our tips to make sure you are 100% prepared.

Sleeping well the night before your interview and leading up to it, is vitally important. Lack of sleep is known to cause problems with concentration, attention and problem solving skills, all of which you will need to ensure you perform at your best in the interview. A good night’s rest will leave you feeling energetic and focused to handle anything that may be thrown at you.

Read the Job Spec
Why read the job spec? The job spec has vital information as to what the company is looking for and will give you an important clue as to what type of questions can be expected. Read the requirements and competencies carefully and think what questions you would ask if you were on the other side of the table that would test these competencies. Remember, examples are the best way to paint a picture as to how you handle certain situations. Role play a few questions in your head and examples you would use to help you answer the question.

Prepare your clothes the night before
This might not sound important but could potentially save you a lot of time in the morning should you oversleep or run late for any reason. Going through the action of preparing your clothes also starts you focusing on the task to come and potentially you might also realise that an item you had thought was clean and ironed is in fact in the washing basket!

The company you are being interviewed at will want to know whether you understand what the business does and how you would fit into their overall vision. Read up on the company, its values and mission/vision and ensure you will be able to bring this across in your answering of questions.

If you are asked a question and it is clear you do not even understand what the role fully involves and how it links into the bigger business, you can be sure your interview will be over.