So, you’ve finally landed that new job you’ve been eyeing at a new firm. Congrats! These tips will help you navigate your first day – don’t forget to brush up on your office etiquette.

The day before:
1. Check the route to your office in rush hour – being late on your first day is the worst start one could have at a new company, especially due to traffic or public transport. It is highly recommended to travel the route in rush hour the day before and to allow some extra travel time for the first week.
2. Research the company – you’ve probably done this before your interview already, but it’s a good idea to brush up on the company’s core business and history again.
3. Ensure your clothes are clean and ironed the day before, you don’t want to rush the next morning looking for a clean shirt.
4. A good night’s rest – the new work environment will take time to adapt to and you need to be rested and alert.

On the day:
1. Extra cup of coffee – extra caffeine will give you an instant energy boost and keep you alert.
2. Pack a snack – to cope with the new workload you might need to sacrifice lunch hour or part thereof for a month or two and queues at the take aways are usually quite long over lunch time.
3. Take notes – a small notebook can make a big difference. On your first day, you’ll meet many new people responsible for a wide variety of operational tasks. Write their details down.
4. If you don’t know, ask – everyone understands that you’re new and might have a few questions regarding house rules or project procedures.