Keep it simple
From a recruiter point of view, there is nothing worse than receiving a CV that has too much information and jumbled up that makes it difficult to understand. It is essential that your CV is drawn up in a way that makes it easy for the reader to quickly scan through it and focus on important aspects they are looking for.

This means a simple, direct intro followed by clearly defined sections.

Spell check
Sounds obvious right? It’s amazing how many CVs are riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes.
A CV represents you and if it you don’t even take the time to read over it and do the necessary checks, what does that say about you?

Include achievements
No need to be modest here but also be careful to stay truthful. Major achievements should be highlighted under every job description or under an ‘achievements’ category. Be careful to only include relevant achievements, nobody wants to know about how you won the 100m track event in High School!

The CV must make sense
If your CV doesn’t make sense or the info just doesn’t seem to tie together eg. dates that are mismatched, starting and end dates out of sync then your CV will likely end up in file 13 quicker than you can blink.
The structure must flow and this includes dates that make sense and info that paints the reader a picture of your history up to the most recent point.

Avoid fancy embellishments and graphics
It’s better to keep your CV as simple as possible and avoid fancy frills, colours and graphics that take attention away from what is important, the content.
It’s not necessary and is actually a complete pain for recruiters that will think twice if they need to print your CV!